Allan K Sutton My Colloidal Silver - Essential Cream

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Supports the skin immunity
  •  Allan K Sutton My Colloidal Silver - Essential Cream
  •  Allan K Sutton My Colloidal Silver - Essential Cream
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Regular use of Colloidal Silver is like having a second immune system as it kills most types of viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is also completely harmless to all parts of the body, unlike conventional antibiotics.
In addition, it lessens the toxicity from germ, virus and fungus activity that occurs naturally in the body. While many antibiotics harm the liver and kidneys Colloidal Silver promotes healing and well-being.


Topical uses only.


  • Help support the body's natural immunity
  • Effective natural antibacterial
  • Ideal for fungi and skin ailments
  • Use topically on cuts and burns


Topical use only.
None known when used as suggested.
Do not refrigerate
Keep in dark place away from electro magnetic field


Colloidal Silver
Rose Hip Oil*
Jojoba Oil*
Olive extract*
Coconut glycerin*
Calendula extract
Aloe vera
* Certified Organic

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