Electric Vapouriser - White

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No hassel aromatherapy just add oil.
  • Electric Vapouriser - White
  • Electric Vapouriser - White
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The most modern, efficient and safe way to vaporise pure essential oils. It vaporises the essential oils much more subtly than candle burners without affecting their aromatic properties. It operates at a constant temperature allowing gentle vaporisation. There is no need to add water and you can safely leave it going all day - even if you are not adding oils to it regularly. Just add the essential oils when you feel like it! 

The vaporiser is a decorative ceramic piece and is the ideal addition to the home, workplace, hospital, or nursing home. 

Avoids the use of hot oily water. Safe to handle when in use. Remains cool to the touch and will not overheat. 

Clean and convenient. Easy to maintain and use. Eliminates the volatile naked flame and messy candle wax. 

Costs approximately 2 cents a day to run all day. Vaporiser temperature remains constant when left on. Self-regulating low temperature produces subtle, effective vaporisation.


Add 3-5 drops of oil to the top of the vapouriser. 


  • Most efficient and safe way to vaporise pure essential oils
  • No flame and wont over heat
  • No need for water just add oil
  • Can leave running and just add oils when you feel like it


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