Kids Calm - 200ml

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'Kiwiherb Kid’s Calm is a delicious tasting syrup that helps calm irritable or over-excited infants and children, and soothes colic, gripe, wind and upset tummies. Ideal to help your baby sleep, and calm them during travel and teething.

Kid’s Calm contains certified organic Chamomile, a herb used for centuries and proven in scientific studies to be effective for the treatment of digestive upsets and to promote calmness and tranquillity in children. Flavoured with 100% natural blackcurrant and strawberry and sweetened with organic rice syrup, this delicious formula is easy to give to even the fussiest child.'

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Short Description:
'"My 11 year old son has always had trouble falling asleep at night, resulting in a very tired boy the next day! I had tried several natural 'sleep' products to help him sleep, none seemed to work.
'Infants less than 1: Take 2-10 drops up to four times daily, aged 1-2: Take 0.5-2mls up to four times daily, aged 3-5: Take 2-5mls up to four times daily and aged 6-12: Take 5-10mls up to four times daily.'
  • Soothes irritable or unsettled babies and children
  • Assists with colic and wind
  • Can help with sleep, teething and travel stress
  • Specially formulated for infants and children aged 0-12 years
'If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. 
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