6 tips for lasting the distance this ski season.

6 tips for lasting the distance this ski season.

1.Look after your knees

Knee injuries are amongst the most common injuries on the slopes. Whether caused by incorrect body position, too much time in one position, falls or just getting old. If you plan on getting the most out of ski season you’re going to want to take care of them.

Aside from warming up and taking a ski lesson we recommend supporting your knees with Turmeric and glucosamine.

The turmeric will reduce inflammation, alleviate stiffness and reduce knee pain whilst the glucosamine will help maintain the cartilage in the joints. 

2. Boost your immunity

Rapid changes in temperature is a contributing factor to weakening the immune system (not to mention the alcohol at last night’s party). That coupled with the fact ills and chills are able to live longer in cold environments means that winter sports are a perfect time to pick up a bug or two.

Stay at your best with a high dose of vitamin c and kyolic to boost your immunity.

3. Wear sunscreen

UV rays are not just a summer thing. We have all seen the guy that comes into work looking like a reverse panda from his ski goggles. The snow bounces all light and UV rays form itself meaning that your effectively surrounded by a tanning bed on a hill. Protect your skin and save yourself the embarrassment by applying sunscreen throughout your time on the slopes. 

4. Muscle tension

I’m not sure about you but I don’t make a habit of living my life in a squat position as I go about my day. Holding this position whilst absorbing the shock from any bumps means that the next day the DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) are a real thing.

Make sure your warming up and cooling down as well as throwing in a few quad and hamstring stretches to help prevent you walking like a cowboy the next day. If your extra keen to avoid the DOMS grab a foam roller and roll your legs out and try using some of handy muscle rubs or magnesium to help speed up your recovery.

5. Stay hydrated!

It’s easy to forget when your whizzing down the slopes that the air is whisking away moisture from your body. That and the physicality of the sport leaving you a little sweaty means it’s easy to lose hydration.

Drink plenty of water but also remember to replace your sugars and salts.

6.Book the extra day off

Your body and boss will thank you for it. Go back to work a day later and take some time to recover from the slopes. 

24th Jun 2019 Ryan - Natural health researcher

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