Baby Skincare Guide

Baby Skincare Guide

Every mother and father wants the best for their child. But knowing what's best for your precious little isn't as obvious.

What's good for your babies Skin?

How do I give my little one the best?

Is this too harsh for their skin?

We asked Our friends at Weleda this month to help us understand how we should best take care of our baby/children's skin. They had this to say...

Caring for your precious baby, naturally

Creating new life is an experience that gives us a feeling of an intense connection with nature. In this unique time, nature gifts us the strongest feeling we are capable of, the unconditional love between a parent and child.

We at Weleda believe nature provides everything parents need to protect and care for their children. Choosing natural skincare that has been specially formulated for babies is essential, products that are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants and mineral oils should be your natural choice.

The special character of babies’ skin

Babies’ skin is five times thinner than adults’, meaning that it absorbs externally applied substances more quickly and reacts more sensitively. Your baby’s skin is still developing even after birth.

Babies need a warming, protective covering after birth. Not only with natural, breathable materials used to cover and clothe the baby’s skin, but also gentle skincare products and loving skin-to-skin contact, to ensure healthy skin development. Our little one learns a lot about the world through their skin. With each touch, a baby finds a new point of reference in this new life.

What kind of care does your baby’s skin need?

In the first few months, it is important not to overdo the products used on your baby’s skin. Much can be avoided, for example, your baby does not need bubbles in their baths. One bath a week is sufficient in the first few months, and on other days you can wash your baby with a damp soft flannel. After washing or bathing, Weleda Calendula Body Lotion helps protect your baby’s skin and provides it with moisture.

Because babies’ skin is special, skincare products need to be specially adapted to their needs. Few, but nevertheless high-quality natural ingredients are perfect: the composition of plant oils resembles the composition of the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. The product, therefore, blends into the natural protective film on the skin and thanks to the natural ingredients, no sealing coat is created. This means the delicate skin can breathe and develop while being protected.

When should I start bathing my newborn?

It’s good that in many places now, babies are no longer bathed straight after being born. Gently removing blood and fluids is sufficient. It is important not to remove the vernix, the special cheese-like white substance, from the skin. When a baby comes into the world, loving skin-to-skin contact is vital. In the first hours, a strong bond develops between parents and children. The baby should be warmed and allowed to arrive in a calm atmosphere.

A good time for the first bath is when the rest of the umbilical cord falls off. Before that, it’s really enough to wash your baby daily with a damp flannel and some oil in any wrinkles, on the nappy area, hands and face. After the first week, parents also become more confident in handling their newborn, so the first bath can be carried out in more relaxed conditions.

Weleda Calendula Cream Bath, containing sweet almond and sesame oils due to their warming qualities, keeps the skin smooth and supple and protecting it from moisture loss. Calendula extract helps soothe the skin.

What care do babies need for dry skin on their body?

The epidermis, which was covered with the vernix in the womb, usually flakes off in the first 14 days after birth. This flaking is most commonly seen on the chest and tummy. To care for this, we recommend skincare with high-quality natural plant oils. If your baby shows signs of itchiness, a Calendula Bath can alleviate the discomfort. Then oil the skin, as it can now absorb the oil particularly well.

Where there is no family history of neurodermatitis or other atopic diseases, we recommend parents use a high-quality skincare product for healthy babies’ skin. If there is a family history or signs your baby has sensitive skin, Weleda White Mallow range is designed for the needs of highly sensitive skin and those prone to eczema.

What care does the nappy area need?

As the skin in the nappy area comes into repeated contact with urine, faeces, and is almost always warm and damp, it can quickly become irritated or inflamed. We recommend cleaning with warm water and some Weleda Calendula Baby Oil, then carefully drying the skin by gently patting. It’s also good to allow the area to come into contact with the air, for example letting the baby wriggle around naked for a while.

Throughout the time your baby wears nappies, little spots and pustules, and slight or severe redness can appear on their bottom, and can often cause pain. When this is the case, children often dislike having their nappy being changed. While the irritation continues, change your baby’s nappy at least every two hours and several times in the night. After cleaning your baby’s bottom, you can also apply a cream with natural oils and zinc oxide once or twice per day, like the Weleda Calendula or White Mallow Nappy Change Creams. This helps the skin regenerate quickly. Allow the skin to breathe as much as possible. You could also try a natural herbal product like Weleda Rash Relief Cream, to help soothe, protect and heal delicate skin.

If the soreness lasts more than two days or you are unsure, ask your midwife or health care professional for advice. It can be more common in the first weeks and months, but don’t hesitate to ask for advice and help.

Why Weleda Baby ranges? 

About Weleda

Weleda Calendula and White Mallow Baby Care are 100% certified natural and organic, by NATRUE, so you can trust they are truly natural, enjoying peace of mind knowing your baby’s skin is being protected and effectively cared for, with all the goodness of nature.

We believe in the power of nature and cherish what it supplies. That is why for over 90 years, Weleda has been working to understand and promote the interaction between humans and nature. We focus on ingredients from natural sources and trust their power. Weleda is the global market leader for certified natural and organic skin care and anthroposophic medicines. We still employ the original farming principles in our biodynamic gardens worldwide (including our Havelock North, NZ gardens) and only source the finest natural and organic ingredients for our products, with love and respect for nature and the human being. It is for this reason Weleda is now UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) Certified. Always natural, always ethical, always sustainable.

25th Oct 2018 Weleda Skincare

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