Especially for you Deer - Pure Nourishment for your skin

Especially for you Deer - Pure Nourishment for your skin

When you consider the fact that when drinking water is placed on the skin on average 64% of chemicals from the water are absorbed, it raises the argument that what you put on your body is just as significant as what you put in your body.

The secret behind Cleopatra’s radiant and wrinkle free skin was milk, and milk has built a prominent reputation for its potent benefits for the skin since. The science behind the benefits is found in the rich combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and is thanks to the absorbent properties of the skin.

Though seemingly obvious protein is critically important for skin due to its role in cell production and repair. Skin cells are continually replaced every 24 days, this continued process of replace and/or repair is only one of two important roles protein has for the skin. The second is the specific amino acids (building blocks of protein) available in milk also have the ability to bind water within the outer most layer of skin cells (the epidermis layer), providing higher levels of moisturization and softness. More hydrated cells mean plumper looking skin meaning that milk is a natural and effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging solution.

Minerals such as zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous also found in milk continue to fight the signs of aging by boosting cell repair, protecting against environmental stress and act as powerful antioxidants. Calcium particularly helps by prevent thinning of the epidermis layer, maintaining the skins natural barrier and meaning the area that provides the fuller hydrated look is increased. Potassium is also a key nutrient for maintaining the electrolyte and therefore fluid balance in cells, ensuring the skin cells stay hydrated and internally moisturised.

Deer milk has the highest total fats, protein, and casein protein content of all the animal species whose milk has been used for human nutrition. Deer milk is also a very rich source of nutritional minerals. The calcium, phosphorus, and zinc content of deer milk is much higher than that found in cow, sheep, and goat milk. Meaning as far as skin care is concerned, deer milk is the cream of the crop.

With deer milk the anti-aging properties continue thanks to the high levels of vitamins such as D, E, B, and A. these vitamins act as powerful antioxidants, destroying free radicals, reducing environmental stress, and boosting the capability of the skins role in the body’s immune system. Vitamin B has also been found to further improve the epidermises ability to retain moisture, and vitamin A also stimulates regeneration and collagen production, providing you with a natural radiant glow.

kōtia, the world’s first deer milk skincare, is the only skincare range made with 100% pure New Zealand Deer milk.

Who is Kotia?

Kotia is a New Zealand owned and developed range of deer milk-based beauty products. Formulated in the pristine, misty mountain foothills of New Zealand’s South Island, herds of deer graze contentedly on wild grasses and thistles. Roaming freely, they thrive in this idyllic environment of mountain-fed rivers and vast, open plains.

In 2012, a group of entrepreneurial farmers from the Otago region of the South Island – who were in the process of trying to produce cheese from 100% pure New Zealand deer milk – made a promising and unexpected discovery.

On Clachanburn Station, near Ranfurly, a milk hand noticed that her weather and work-worn skin had been transformed over the milking season. Her hands had become softer and less aged in appearance, while her nails had grown stronger and less prone to breakage.

Now working with New Zealand’s most respected skincare formulation technologist, kōtia’s founders set out to develop the world’s most powerful skincare range, to capture the uniquely nourishing and protective properties of deer milk.

kōtia’s range of products combine the goodness of natural deer milk – unmodified by human hands – with scientifically researched active ingredients to nourish your precious skin.

Its potent ingredients provide rejuvenating nourishment, hydration and anti-ageing benefits while creating a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Designed to be an easy, everyday, natural solution for the discerning, results-focused woman, kōtia provides gentle yet effective skincare with luxurious, long-lasting benefits.

To further ensure a premium product, kōtia is produced to the highest standards, including keeping fawns and mothers together during the milking process to provide a stress-free environment for the deer themselves.

As for the name they are proud of their New Zealand heritage as are we at HealthBank. Kōtia is a combination of Maori words bringing together young women (kō) and deer (tia) and they believe this respectfully pays tribute to their origins.

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8th Oct 2019 Kotia

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