Global warming isn’t a thing | Yeah right!

Global warming isn’t a thing | Yeah right!

You don’t go online to be lectured. You don’t go online to be made to feel bad about your life choices. No one likes facing up to the reality of something that makes them feel bad,


What if you could flip your thinking around and use these things as motivation to change? Use the feedback from ‘something bad’ to drive you to make a change, to work towards a better today, tomorrow and every day.

So you read this article or watch this video that tells you that you, you are destroying the Earth. Instead of feeling bad about it, try to flip this process around and feel empowered to do something about it. Make a good life choice and make a change, both for yourself and for our planet.

If you think on a scale much closer to home for a second. How would you react to a pipe bursting in your home or batch, causing a flood. You would get the pipe fixed, right? You wouldn’t expect someone else to make the decision on your own home or to fix your pipe for you. You would call the plumber or, if you or someone you knew has enough of that good ol’ kiwi ingenuity, you’d fix the damage yourself.

Now, apply this to a bigger scale and think about the earth as your home (I mean, on a much larger scale is absolutely is), we all should absolutely be taking responsibility and helping prevent and combat the effects of global warming and future-proofing our home for generations to come.

Did you know that by switching to using one reusable item in your day to day lives the human race would save 7.53 billion pieces of single use plastic from polluting our oceans? Not only that, but you could save some serious dollars in the long run too. Based on the average price of a 1 litre bottle of water daily you could save up to $912.50 in a single year. Plus, the carbon footprint of each 1 litre bottle is approximately 165.6g of carbon dioxide which over a year equates to 60.44Kg of carbon dioxide (Co2). CO2 is one of the biggest contributors to global warming every year, so it should be a no brainer, right?

So you do something good for our environment, in the long term your bank balance will feel better and the Earth is one step closer to lasting a little longer – choice as!

What we can’t do is leave this to everyone else, or give each other a hard time for making responsible choices. You might think that not getting a straw with your drink is a major issue, or that litter-less lunches are super frustrating, but really how much of an inconvenience is it? Not half as inconvenient than having to find a new planet down the line, right?

Change your narrative around this situation and it can easily go from a “oh yeah, nah” or “bugger that” moment to a “save the Earth bro, you bloody legend!” moment. By making these little changes each and every day you contribute to reducing your carbon foot print and your contribution to global warming. The more people that are on board with this, the more we reduce our overall impact as human beings. Kapai!

At HealthBank we are here to support those changes, all of our eco-friendly lifestyle ranges are permanently 20% off RRP. You can shop the whole range here and we will even ship it to you in eco-friendly packaging which you can read more about, here.

So let us help you to get one step closer to becoming that legend and do something towards reducing your carbon foot print today! Stop being a bogan and “just waiting for a mate”, make the change yourself today, before it’s too late.

For more information or if you don’t believe us, you can find out more here, but don’t blame us if Leo’s song gets stuck in your head – that one is on him.

4th Jun 2019 Ryan & Ally - Natural health researchers.

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