How to look after your blood pressure naturally

How to look after your blood pressure naturally

Why think about your blood pressure levels?

  • The first, higher number (systolic) is the pressure against the insides of your arteries when your heart is tensed mid-heartbeat.
  • The second, lower number (diastolic) is the pressure when your heart’s relaxed between beats.
  • Are a man over 45, or a woman over 55
  • Are overweight
  • Eat a lot of salt or fat
  • Drink a lot of alcohol
  • Don’t exercise regularly
  • Experience a lot of stress
  • Have a family history of heart health issues

How can you support healthy blood pressure naturally?

High blood pressure can cause serious health issues, so if you have any concerns, please talk to your doctor. If you’re already healthy however, and you’d like to encourage your blood pressure levels to stay normal, here are three things you can do.

1. Manage your stress

You might have heard of the “fight or flight response”. If not, it’s a collection of physical reactions that happen in your body when you’re feeling stressed.

One key part of this response is a dramatic rise in your blood pressure level. If whatever stressed you out is a one-off thing and you relax once it’s over, your blood pressure will fall again soon afterwards. But if you keep on experiencing stressor after stressor, your baseline blood pressure will probably creep up over time.

Exercise can help you manage your fight or flight response. So can yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other calming activities. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it too.

2. Cut down on salt

Sodium – one of the two minerals in salt – can also affect blood pressure levels. Too much sodium can raise your levels to an unhealthy point. So if you want to help maintain healthy blood pressure, reducing your salt intake is a good step.

We all need some sodium, but nutritionists agree that fresh, whole foods have enough natural sodium in them already. If you regularly eat processed food or add extra salt to home-cooked food, however, you might be getting too much. Try experimenting with herbs and spices to flavour your food instead.

3. Take Aged Garlic ExtractTM

One natural way to support healthy blood pressure levels is to take Aged Garlic ExtractTM: a special kind of organic garlic that’s aged naturally in strictly controlled conditions.

Multiple studies [1,2] have scientifically shown that Aged Garlic ExtractTMcan help support healthy blood pressure. This means that regularly taking it may support other more conventional blood pressure maintenance strategies.

Introducing Aged Garlic ExtractTM

Aged Garlic ExtractTMstarts its life as organically cultivated bulbs of garlic, grown with no inorganic pesticides or fertilisers at any point in the process. The garlic cloves are then harvested, quality tested, cleaned, sliced and placed in stainless steel tanks.

There, the garlic naturally ages under controlled conditions for up to 20 months. And finally, the aged garlic is extracted, concentrated, and dried to produce Aged Garlic ExtractTM.

What makes Aged Garlic ExtractTMspecial?

When researchers first started testing Aged Garlic ExtractTM, they were surprised to discover that several of its compounds had changed dramatically from those in fresh garlic. Instead of the normal harsh, unstable, unpleasant-smelling compounds, they mild, stable, odour-free amino acids.

It’s these amino acids that are thought to give Aged Garlic ExtractTM the benefits of fresh garlic – plus a few more – without the characteristic garlic odour. Researchers today continue to find new benefits of Aged Garlic ExtractTM,including supporting other aspects of heart health [3] and healthy immunity [4] - all without the garlic breath(did we mention no odour yet?).

Could Aged Garlic ExtractTMsupport healthy blood pressure for you?

In New Zealand, Aged Garlic ExtractTMis ONLY available in Nutra-Life Kyolic®Aged Garlic ExtractTM.

Find it here HEREon our website, and start supporting healthy blood pressure levels today.

If you are considering taking Nutra-Life Kyolic®Aged Garlic ExtractTM, we recommended you discuss this with your healthcare professional before use. Always read the label, use only as directed.



[3]Ried K, Toben C, Fakler P. Effect of garlic on serum lipids: an updated meta-analysis. Nutrition Reviews 2013; 71:5 282-299

[4]Nantz, M. et al. 2012. Clinical Nutrition, Volume 31, Issue 3.

30th May 2019 Nutra-life

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