Informed Sport - make the smart decision on your supplements.

Informed Sport - make the smart decision on your supplements.

Supplements in sport

When it comes to the sporting arena, New Zealand has an impressive legacy of winning on the world stage. For many sports people, supplements can be a way of helping provide that extra bit of support for performance or recovery, allowing them to perform not only well, but exceptionally well.

In high level competition, even the smallest increment in performance can make all the difference between winning and losing.

What are the risks of taking supplements in sport?

Everyone from gym goers to professional athletes should choose their supplements very carefully. Products and their ingredients can be sourced, manufactured and accessed worldwide. Some can enter the market without being adequately tested for safety, purity and whether or not the product actually does what it claims to do. Contaminated products (both intentionally spiked and unintentionally cross contaminated) may only be discovered after the product has been ingested by the athlete.

It is important that all sports people compete cleanly and fairly, and that their successes are a result of their own hard work and dedication, not through the use of performance enhancing drugs. For many who compete in a sport they agree to New Zealand’s Sports Anti- Doping Rules and may be drug tested. Most sports in New Zealand have adopted these rules and this means that no matter what level you compete at you must comply.The presence of a prohibited substance in a supplement may result in a positive test and an anti-doping rule violation. This could mean disqualification from events and forfeiting of results, financial penalties, publication of the violation and/or a ban from all sport for up to four years (or life in serious cases). In other words, a positive doping test could mean the end of your sporting career and serious damage to your reputation.

A 2016 studyassessed 67 common supplements available for purchase in Australia andfound 1 in 5 were contaminated with substances that are on the World Anti- Doping Agency prohibited list. None of these products listed any banned substances on their ingredients list. Another study by New Zealand's Otago University's Department of Physiology also found that several supplements on sale in New Zealand and Australia contained steroids which were not declared on the label. Athletes are ultimately responsible for any substance found in their body, regardless of how it got there. Even if the prohibited substance is not listed on the label of a supplement, if you consume it, you are responsible.

In the past few years a number of Kiwi sports people have tested positive to prohibited substances believed to have been ingested through nutritional supplements. Each of these individuals faced a ban from all sport of up to four years. In Australia, about half of all anti-doping rule violations (sport bans) over the last five years are said to be a result of supplement use, so the risk and consequences are very real. One way to help avoid the chance of doping is to only consume supplements that have passed anti-doping testing like that carried out by informed sport.

What is Informed Sport?

Informed Sport is a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, supplements and the manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that every batch of product that bears the Informed Sport logo has been tested for banned substances by a world class sports anti-doping laboratory.

While batch tested supplements cannot provide an absolute guarantee against a positive test (no supplement is 100% safe), choosing a supplement that has been independently batch tested does greatly reduce the risk. So if you’re going to take a supplement of any form, picking one that has been tested by an accredited program such as Informed Sport is definitely your best bet.

Who is Musashi?

Musashi is one of Australasia’s most trusted and revered sports nutrition brands, established in 1987. 30 years on and the Musashi brand remains renowned for offering a full spectrum of sports nutrition solutions, sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

Musashi products are manufactured or packed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand. All of our products have been developed by highly skilled research and development technologists, to meet our customer’s needs and the requirements of our industry regulators. Our quality management processes are formalised, traceable and practical. This means we can guarantee the quality of products manufactured and every ingredient in every product we make can be traced back through the entire manufacturing process.

Musashi works alongside some of New Zealand and Australia’s highest profile sports men and women, including Emirates Team New Zealand and UFC Middleweight Champion Rob Whittaker. These guys need to be at the very top of their game and rely on the stringent Informed Sport Certification testing that Musashi uses for its products. Musashi gives our athletes peace of mind that the products they use are banned substance tested.

Every batch of the below Musashi products is tested by the Informed Sport program, and displays the Informed Sport logo on front of pack. Shop the range here

  • 100% Whey Protein
  • Bulk Protein
  • Beta Alanine
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • ZMA+
  • Pre Workout
  • Intra Workout


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