Matt 'the Viper' Vaile

Matt 'the Viper' Vaile

HealthBank believes it’s important to give back, that’s why we’re proud to be supporting Matt ‘the Viper’ Vaile as he follows his dream as an MMA fighter. Currently 5x Australian Welterweight Champion he’s one to keep an eye on Check him out on social media.

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Matt has an intense training program and takes the following to help support himself in his career. 

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Plant protein

Compared to Whey protein I find that plant based is my preferred choice, mostly because it’s less bloating and has nice smooth delicious taste. Also different to whey protein it has a lot of included goodness, digestive enzymes, amino acids and probiotics which all help for maximum recovery and strength gains in my experience.

During the week I will have one serving of this within 30min of every training session, but if it was a really hard one or if I am lacking protein in my meals that day, I'll double it up to 2 servings.

Weekends I will have a protein shake in the morning prior to training to give me energy for the session.

I make my protein shake with the following;

  • 1 serving plant protein
  • 1 Frozen banana
  • ¼ cup blue berries
  • ½ cup oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tea spoon beetroot or cacao powder
  • 1 cup Almond milk

Fish oils

I take 2 fish oil omega 3 tablet every morning as I find it helps with general joint and mobility to keep the body in good condition it also benefits my immune system.


I take 2 magnesium tables after dinner before bed, this helps with sore muscles (DOMS) and my body to relax so I can get good night's sleep. Sleep is key for my recovery I feel a real difference in my performance when I have had a good night’s sleep compared to when I don’t.

Lypo caps Vit C

Vitamin C I find is perfect for supporting the immune system, but it’s often not absorbed into the body that well. Lypo caps Vit C is designed to work a lot better than your normal Vitamin C. I'll take 2 every morning for 1000mg of Vit C and if I feel I am about to get sick I take 2 in morning and again at night. This form my experience dramatically shortens length of time I suffer from winter ills and chills, which means I don’t need cold and flu tablets that can make me tired and affect training.

Beetroot and Cacao powder

I Mix a teaspoon of these in with my protein shake not only for great taste but they both provide a whole heap of nutrients that benefits my cardiovascular system, boosts my energy levels and are very high in antioxidants.

Replace electrolytes & BCAAs

During and after a hard session it’s key for me to keep sugar levels up and stay hydrated I mix a serving of each in my drinks bottle. The BCAAs also help a lot with promoting my recovery.

(The above information is personal experience and the opinion of the writer. You should always be sure to consult your health professional before taking any supplements. HealthBank neither supports nor denies any of the above information to be factual.)

21st Jun 2018

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