Why is Hemp so good for you?

Why is Hemp so good for you?

Let’s be honest there is a buzz around hemp currently. Whether it’s questioning its legality or how good it really is there is a lot of chatter around the wonder plant.

Now I would bet that your one of three people reading this blog...

1) Isn't Hemp marijuana and a naughty drug?

2) Hemp is awesome is this going to make me high, can I make brownies with it?

Or 3) I know the benefits of hemp and let me at the products.

To answer those questions, 

1) Kind of it's a form of cannabis as is marijuana without the THC levels

2) No it's not a naughty drug we are selling you, but yes you can make brownies from the oil and or protein powder (though they won't get you high)

and 3) the link to purchase is here and below for you.

The law ….

In April of 2017, the trans-Tasman ministers at the NZ ministerial forum on food regulation cleared hemp seeds for as food for human consumption. Which lead to the New Zealand Government adjusting the laws under the food act of 2014, misuse of drugs act of 1975, and the Medicines act of 1981.

These changes have now come into effect, and the sale of and consumption of hemp seeds and foods made from hemp seeds are now legal in New Zealand.

Confusion around Hemp and drugs. Hemp production is highly regulated to ensure that illegal, high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabis strains are not produced.

Hemp is a descendant of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is believed to be one of the oldest domestic crops. IT has been grown and cultivated throughout history and used to create various foods, oils, and textiles such as rope and fabrics. The breading of other plants with similar characteristics with cannabis lead to the type of cannabis we now call hemp. Other plants along this process were recognised for being psychoactive and bread selectively for medicinal or religious purposes and lead to the verities we now know as marijuana.

So Hemp and Marijuana are therefore both plants in the Cannabis plant family.

Cannabis plants as a family are known for having unique compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are what gives cannabis plants their medicinal properties. There are over 60 different cannabinoids known to date, but by far the most well-known is THC. THC is what gives marijuana plants their ‘high’ causing properties.

Hemp, however, contains very little. In general globally the maximum THC content of hemp is set at 0.035%. Anything higher than this is considered marijuana. As a gauge, medicinal marijuana has about 5-20% THC and top performing strains between 25-30%.

So Hemp is not able to cause a high as it is very low in THC.

Hemp is, however, higher in CBD than marijuana, which is actually perceived to reduce the psychoactive impact of THC and is helpful for many health conditions. The conditions CBD oil is reported to help reduce the symptoms of are epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain and so forth. CBD is also non-psychoactive.

So it’s not a psychoactive drug but does hold many beneficial effects.

Why is hemp good for you?                                        

Despite the CBD oil benefits Hemp also has many other properties and benefits for us that means it moves into the superfood category.

The seeds themselves are technically in the nut family and have some incredible nutritional benefits available for us.

The seeds themselves contain 30% healthy fats, rich particularly in omega 6 and omega 3 but also omega 9. These fatty acids are the foundation blocks for all of our cells and particularly crucial for brain function. Hemp itself is unusually high in polyunsaturated and essential fatty acid in a ration of 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which is considered in the optimal range. This optimum range also means they are less likely to trigger an immune response which often results in skin disorders.

The oil also has a nutty flavour that's perfect for cooking, salads and Brownies (or other types of baking).

Hemp is also a great source of protein which provides about 25% of the calories you will get from the seed. Its protein content is actually similar to that of beef and lamb and is also classed as a complete protein source meaning it provides all of the necessary amino acids needed by the body.

… and the benefits don't stop there. The properties of hemp mean that its brilliant for 

  • Promoting joint health
  • Nourishing hair, skin and nails
  • Helping to balance cholesterol levels and blood pressure in healthy individuals
  • Maintaining healthy hormone levels
  • Maintaining energy levels
  • Supporting brain function and development
  • Supporting cardiovascular circulation and organ health

Hope we have helped to clear up and summarise the benefits and information around Hemp in New Zealand.

New Hemisphere and Omega NZ supply the hemp oils and the mighty PranaOn have us covered with the protein with their Tribal force range available here

4th Oct 2018 Ryan - Natural health researcher

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