A dear old friend of the family once said to me, ‘the most important thing in your life is your health - because it’s something you don’t know you have, until it’s gone. And when it’s gone, that’s all you think about.’ Many of us lead busy lives, where we put other people first and ourselves second, the Healthbank is the place where investing in yourself and your health is quick, simple, safe and secure.
The HealthBank is an online natural health website based in New Zealand that has been created by people with a lifelong passion in health, fitness and well-being. Our dedicated team are keen to provide you with a broad range of top quality vitamins and natural health products we use ourselves, at highly competitive prices. And our goal is insure that you receive our great products in quick time with no fuss.

We have gathered the very best of New Zealand and International products in one place to provide a quick, easy and safe place for you to buy your health supplement and product requirements. We only sell trustworthy products that New Zealanders have trusted for years, such as Blackmores, GO Healthy, Good Health, Lighthouse, Nutra-Life, Horleys, Blackmores, Naturo Pharm, Nutra-Life, Red Seal and Thompsons, just as a small example.

Healthbank intends to make the ordering of high quality natural health products easy, safe, quick and secure, and we believe that you should not being paying an arm and leg to stay healthy. We hope that you keep coming back to HealthBank and benefit from our great range of products that we have for you, and most of all, that you can

Invest in yourself, invest in your health!


The natural health industry is full of many players, some good, some bad and some a little dodgy, and in my experience the people who regularly purchase health products are smart enough to know the difference between them.
My philosophy is simple – to provide our customers with high quality products, at reasonable prices, in a quick and efficient manner. I want to provide you with the products that make your life better, fuller and more enjoyable and we stand behind every one of our extensive range and will only sell items that I would have no qualms about using myself.
My commitment to you is that we will do our very best to provide you with the natural health products quickly and efficiently. We may not always get it right (the All Blacks don’t always win) but if we do fall short, it won’t be for want of effort.

HealthBank Webstore Manager