L-Carnitine - 200gm

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A product of two amino acids, lysine and methionine.
Transports fatty acids into our cells so they can be metabolised for energy.
Under stressful conditions or in a protein deficiency, L-Carnitine must be supplemented.


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 teaspoon (3g)  into 250-300mL water, juice or a smoothie. Consume one serve daily on an empty stomach before exercise.


  • Helps reduce oxidative stress, improves mental performance and supports bodily functions that require a lot of energy
  • Useful for enhancing physical performance, power output
  • Used for conditions of the heart, such as chest pain, circulation problems and high cholesterol


Store in a cool dry place.


100% L-Carnitine

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100% pure L-Carnitine
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