Ki Cold & Flu Attack Formula - 30 Tablets

'Natural support for winters chills

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Ki Cold & Flu Attack Formula - 30 Tablets


'Ki Cold & Flu Attack is a high potency herbal medicine to be taken at the first sign of winter's ills and chills, to help relieve symptoms fast as well as reduce recovery time.

Ki Cold & Flu Attack effectively improves your body’s fast immune response at the first stage of infection and fever. This leads to a quicker recovery from mild upper respiratory infections as well as reducing the severity of symptoms.'


'Adult dose 2 Tablets per day'


  • Help support to reduce fever and clear congestion
  • Supports to relieve sore throats, coughs and headache
  • Help reduce duration and severity of infection
  • Speeds up recovery


'If symptoms persist, seek professional healthcare advice.

During pregnancy, only take under medical supervision

Not to be used for children under 12'


'Each tablet contains herbal extract equiv to, Andrographis paniculata (dry) 1.4g Fresh Ginger 1.5g Zinc amino acid chelete 30mg - equiv to Zinc 6mg'

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