ZEN Joint & Muscle Relief - 60 Tablets

'Joint and Muscle care to relieve inflammation and pain

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ZEN Joint & Muscle Relief - 60 Tablets


'ZEN Joint & Muscle may help reduce swelling, inflammation and help improve mobility as it has a anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. It may also help with the maintenance of general wellbeing and helps promote healthy circulatory function.

ZEN Tablets work in 4 ways:
1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Analgesic pain relief
3. Enhances circulation
4. Ongoing nourishment of joints and muscles

Using both Boswellia and Ginger may provide a reduction in pain, stiffness and swelling in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.1-4 Angelica and Paeonia are also traditional Chinese medicine herbs and are well known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving propertiesand Angelica enhances circulation. By including Chinese medicine tonic herbs in this formula you help to nourish and moisturize joints and muscles – supporting and strengthening the whole body while healing.'


'Adults: Take one tablet 2 - 3 times per day and as symptoms reduce take one tablet 1-2 times per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner'


  • Support against joint pain and rheumatism
  • May ease discomfort from arthritis, muscle pain and back and neck pain
  • May help relieve sporting injuries and muscular aches


Not to be used on children under 2 years of age without medical advice.


People taking Warfarin should consult a healthcare professional before using this product, due to the Boswellia content.

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