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Baby Care

Baby's first days, months, years are being recognised more and more importantly in setting the child for future physical, mental and emotional growth. 

Just as a baby needs play to learn cognitive skills, and to feel loved and nurtured for it to develop its own emotions and personality, it also needs the correct nutrition to develop cognitively and grow strong and healthy. For many years we've been told that ‘breast is best’ when it comes to early childhood development, but as the infant reaches about six months and solid foods are introduced, some confusion can set in. Do you stick with nana’s tried and true mashed veges or the canned meals that full the local supermarket shelves? When it comes to food nutrition, we believe it’s best to leave that to the experts; your professional healthcare provider or your Plunket caregiver are there to offer great services and advice. 

However, as the child grows, and the diet is lacking due to fussiness, sometimes a supplement can be introduced to support the meals being prepared and fed. About this stage a DHA supplement can support brain, eye and growth health of a child, and a probiotic can support stomach and immune health.  

And let’s not forget the biggest organ on the body, the skin. Skin health is very important for babies, as its first line of defence, and because of this sometimes baby’s sensitive skin can become inflamed due to purely its sensitivity to new soaps and chemicals. Weleda has some great skin care products containing calendula to ease and support smooth baby skin.  
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