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Ester C is a pH neutral product which has a different composition from regular vitamin C, which is ascorbic acid. The main component of this product is calcium ascorbate. The reason to use Ester-C over straight vitamin C is individuals experienced fewer stomach side effects, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to choose Ester C over regular vitamin C for this reason.

Eacter C is a form of vitamin C that is used to prevent or treat low levels of vitamin C in people who do not get enough vitamin C from their diets. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant and support many body functions, in particular, Vitamin C is important for the immune system and supprts skin health. 

Ester C is commonly taken all year round, but it can be especially beneficial during the winter season, where a strong immune system is required to fight off those winters ills and chills. 
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