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Men are often accused of neglecting their health and abusing their bodies through poor diet, lack of exercise and neglecting aches and niggles until it’s too late. 

This may be the cause of a lowing average life expectancy of males and their risk taking behaviours  don’t have to mean their reckless with their general health. 

Hard working males doing physical work would all benefit from joint care and protection that may be gained from omega-3 fish oils, notwithstanding the heart and cardiovascular benefits that fish oil offers. 
Executive stress plays another important part in the detrimental welfare of males, so a high quality multi vitamin high in the vitamin B group can play a part in assisting men through the rigors of everyday life. 

Unfortunately with poor diet can quite easily lead to weight gain so supporting healthy nutrition with either a protein powder or a meal replacement can keep those extra kilos developing around the mid-section. Noting that weight in the midriff is gender problematic and highly detrimental to organ health. 
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