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The African Mango seed is a natural source of fibre, which helps with soft stool production and bowel regularity.   Veldt Grape is a perennial plant native to West Africa and contains a rich source of ascorbic acid, which naturally helps support natural fat burning enzymes.  Finally, Psyllium Husks are a high soluble fibre essential for helping with digestion, toxin removal and healthy cholesterol levels.  

Healthy eating and regular exercise are an essential part of the African Mango Weight Management Programme, which has been developed to help manage stored body fats, support healthy metabolism, help manage appetite and encourage a healthier lifestyle.  
A specially formulated drink containing African Mango, Veldt Grape and Psyllium Husk powder creates a synergy of nutrients to help support weight management, healthy cholesterol levels and encourage healthy metabolism.

• Helps weight management in conjunction with a recommended diet and exercise programme
• Stimulant free appetite management
• Supports a healthy metabolic rate
• Helps you stay fuller for longer
• Helps maintain  healthy blood sugar and supports the absorption of dietary sugars
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