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Echinacea is widely used to fight infections, especially winters ills and chills and other upper respiratory infections.

It is common for some people take echinacea at the first sign of a chill, hoping they will be able to keep the lurgy from developing, whilst other people take echinacea after cold symptoms have started, hoping they can make symptoms less severe.

Echinacea is also used against many other infections including  urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, genital herpes, bloodstream infections (septicemia), gum disease, tonsillitis, streptococcus infections, syphilis, typhoid, malaria, and diphtheria.

Echinacea is often part of a winter formula and along with a good dose of vitamin C and a garlic extract, it is often seen as a vital part of keeping the dreaded winter lurgy at bay.
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