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Protein is an essential dietary requirement and its main purpose in the body is repair and growth, and forms the basis of muscles, hair, skin and many other organs.

Protein can come from many food sources, either from animal sources like meat, eggs, fish and dairy or plant sources like soya, quinoa, beans and nuts. There can sometimes be additional nutrients that are not so desirable attached these protein sources, like saturated fats with beef, so a protein supplement can provide a high quality source in a controlled manner.

Protein supplements are often required for two outcomes; in weight management or muscle building and repair. Protein is great to support weight management as it takes energy to convert in to energy.  Also protein helps the stomach feel fuller for longer thus helping those food cravings. People looking to reduce their waistline could do well to look at their plate and after filling up on vegetables to think of a high quality low fat protein source; and this is where often a protein supplement can fit in to a diet plan.

As protein is essential for the building blocks of muscle health, additional protein supplements can aid the recovery and muscle building effect of exercise. Muscle need protein and more you work your muscles the more protein you need. Often forgotten is the protein requirements of endurance athletes, as their type of exercise is highly damaging to the muscle fibre, so they a high level of protein to ensure adequate recovery and repair.