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Stress and Mood

Stress plays a big part of day to day life. A little bit of stress is fine, it helps your adrenal function and help getting things done. However too much stress, can lead on an overload of natural stimulants and create and overload of hormones and adrenaline, possibly leading to anxiety and/or depression.

It is very important to be aware of stress as sometimes you may be stressed, you often do not feel stressed. It is important to be on notice of the signs as there may be small tweaks or changes in your mood that are signs of stress, and these little signals can be very different for each individual, as each individuals tolerance to stress is very different. More importantly, those around you may see some change in you but and either a) not aware that these signals are a sign of stress or b) are too afraid to confront you about your particular behaviour.
There are many tips on how to deal with stress that maybe affecting your mood and they’re all different from person to person, but the most important is to seek our those people who you can share you or tell them about your concerns.

There are natural health supplement that may support better mood, and these can be of support if you’re just finding that you’re not sleep well or you tend to be a little up and down. Supplements like Vitamin B, Magnesium, 5-HTP and St John’s Wort can assist in calming nervousness and alleviate small amounts of stress.

However if stress is getting too much please seek professional health; either through your doctor or free phone 0800 111 757
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