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There are million different people coming up with a million different methods regarding a very sensitive issue – Your weight

It’s funny how although there is a tonne of information and government funded programmes to educate about weight management people are still getting fatter and sicker. Health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity are more prevalent than they ever were, and we believe there are two main reasons – diet and stress. 

Stress is so often overlooked as a precursor to weight gain. To keep it simple stress evokes the flight or fight hormones, flooding the blood with insulin, which results in the so obvious carbohydrate cravings that only lead to more insulin production, and sadly to insulin dependency. Relieving stress should be the first part in working toward a leaner and more importantly a healthier body. 

The modern diet contains a large amount of extremely processed food, high in carbs and low in nutrition. Take a look of photos of New Zealanders back in the 1950s and 1960’s? You’ll see a whole population of lean active people. These people were eating meat and 3 vege, topped with butter – none of it higher processed. It’s true that life expectancy was lesser then, but smoking was far more prevalent. 

If you’re confused, try to shop on the perimeters of your supermarket (veges, dairy, meat and eggs) and stay away from the centre (canned food, packet meals and biscuits). And learn to cook, even it’s basically, and food will take on a whole new meaning.
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