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There has been a lot of recent literature regarding Super Foods and their benefits to overall health, but what constitutes as a ‘Superfood’. 

To us a Superfood is a natural product that either highly supports the immune system or provides a high level of antioxidants that help the fight of free radicals in the body, caused by stress, work, exercise or poor diet. 

Products such as Spirulina fit nicely into this category and, although they sometimes come in pill form, they are definitely a food source. Other products like colostrum, royal jelly or Manuka honey are naturally occurring and have well proving properties that support immunity and support wound recovery. 

The new development in the area of Super Foods are products that fall under the label of ‘Greens’. These are products that contain a base of vegetable powders fortified with additional nutrients to give a complete highly nutritious food source. Also many of the new Greens, like Vital Greens, also contain probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid absorption. 
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