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Weight Management Powders

Weight Management Powders help support the weight conscious by helping to up the protein levels in the diet. Protein allows one to feel fuller for longer as it slowly digestible. Some protein powders also include some carbs to allow the product to be a complete meal plan, or you may choose a pure whey protein powder and mix with some fruit or berries to up the nutritional profile. 

Protein sources also vary, most protein comes from dairy whey, but other proteins include pea, rice and soy, for those who are sensitive to dairy. 

Here’s how I start the day, 

In a Nutra-Bullet I add, 

• Balance 100% Whey Protein WPC/WPI – Vanilla
• Big hand fill of baby spinach leaves
• ½ Banana 
• 4 tablespoons of either flaxseed or chia seeds
• Water
• Ice cubes

This keeps me going til about 11 am so about 5 hours!