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Becoming ‘Gluten free’ has been a lifestyle for many people recently. And although the actual percentage of the population suffering from celiac disease is very small (about 1%) many more claim to suffer from gluten intolerance. The problem products tend to be Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat and Spelt (remember BROWS to make it simply) are well documented. However it is where gluten is hidden that causes most problem, as auditing every ingredient listing is time consuming and sometimes not entirely accurate. 

Please note, if you do suffer from ongoing stomach problems, please see your healthcare professional. Currently the most common test for celiac disease is in fact a biopsy. Also note that the products listed here are certified ‘gluten free’, but that does not mean products not here are not gluten free, it just means they have not been fully produced in a gluten free environment.
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