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Facial Skincare

Facial skincare is big business and who doesn’t want a more youthful, plumper, smoother looking facial skin? 

A simple skin care regime can really help save money and time; here are some of our tips, 

1. Know your skin type. Most skin type’s fall under the normal category, however you may have oily, dry, sensitive or a combination of these skin types. So it is vital you know what you are, so you can then use the correct methods and buy the correct products. 

2. Clean once a day, preferably at night after makeup removal (if you wear any). Again choose the cleaner and method to suit your skin. In the morning, simple water can me enough to re-freshen sleepy skin.

3. Moisturise. Important all year round, not just summer, as winter wind and cold can dry the skin just as much as summer sun. 

4. Use Sun Screen. As you know the New Zealand sun can be brutal and if you’re spending time outside, especially in summer, then a high quality SPF 30 Sun Screen is essential. 

We choose our skin care range very carefully and choose natural skin care suppliers free from parabens and toxins, in a large range of prices. So healthy beautiful skin can be achieved for everyone. 
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