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Training or competing at any sporting level takes additional effort over and beyond ones normal daily schedule, and even if you’re reducing calories and training to lose a few pounds, supplements that provide energy or at least support the body’s ability to use energy are very important. 

Energy for sporting activity can come from many things; most obvious is the food we eat. However sometimes we need supplementation to get through either that rigorous training or the final lap of the half marathon. 

Sporting energy is really designated into three areas, per-workout for gym goers, glycogen and electrolyte boosts for endurance athletes, and general energy for the day to day trainings and work outs. 

Pre-workout Supplements
These are designed for the gym goer to give their workouts a boost and full the muscles full of blood to give the full ‘pumped’ look. The ingredients in these products are normally a cocktail of amino acids, creatine, simple carbs and herbal stimulants like taurine and guarana. As suggested these are taken pre-training and assist training intensities and durations. 

Endurance Supplements
Endurance sports are any activity that goes past about 1 ½ hours, depending on the activity. Training under with less duration can normally be supported with water only but once the length goes past a certain time then a carbohydrate supplement may be required, due to glycogen depletion. Glycogen is the fuel the muscles need to before (the petrol if you will) and once glycogen is fully depleted from either the muscles or the liver then it is common to ‘hit the wall’ (in marathon terms) or ‘bonking’ (in cycling terms. 
The two main products are a carbohydrate drink and gels (or squeezies). These are high simple carbs that can be absorbed quickly to get to the muscles and liver in a usable fashion. Also after prolonged activity sweat can deplete the body of electrolytes causing the body to cramp or fatigue more rapidly, so it important to keep replacing these over the course of the activity. Nearly all drinks now contain electrolytes but you can also get these separately. 

Daily Energy Needs
Most daily energy needs can be found under the Energy Category. These product such as Vitamin B, Spirulina and Co-Q10 support cellular energy. 
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